Increase Profit by Eliminating Over Disburse Case

Do you face such problems?

Messy and timely retrieval of client matter files?
Repetitive works in producing billing report, payment voucher, receipt, office monthly account report?


Miss activity due date and results in delay of closing files?
Overrun cases which are hard to reclaim from clients?
Unhandled outstanding files which cost untracked losses?

With MyLegalsoft, you will eliminate the problems above and enjoy benefits below:

A button-click away to access client contact information, client matter file, client and office account status, profit and loss details.

Client task / activities tracking and monitoring.

Automatically generate billing report, payment voucher, receipt and office account report.
Give immediate and accurate response (proof) upon client enquiry of what have been done for him/her.
Display deadlines and to-do list to avoid delay of task.
Allow user to view client’s accounts receivable balance to ensure sufficient money is available to run the file.
Allow user to check for conflict of interest from client database.
Help monitor overrun and outstanding files to avoid losses and increase profits.
Support Microsoft Mail Merge and Letter designer
Automatically generate payment reminder/statement of Account
Trust Account Management / Hourly job assignment logging / instant messaging and etc.

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