Computerized. Do you really need that?

Based on our extensive experience from speaking to many legal professionals during the software development stages, the following problems are most commonly encountered by legal firms in Malaysia.

Messy client matter files retrieving process which is highly time consuming
Heavy workload especially in handling repetitive works to produce billing reports, payment vouchers, official receipts and
monthly accounts reports
Lost tract or control of activity progress which results in file closing delay
Tedious process in keeping track of client billing and payment status
Out of control/knowledge of overrun and outstanding files which might result in losses to the company

With MyLegalSoft software, apart from assisting legal firms to eliminate the above problem highlighted, it also helps to prepare legal firms in Malaysia to move a step forward to the “electronic” generation by reducing the amount of paperwork in the firm through streamlining the daily operation process.

MyLegalSoft allows a button click access to all client files information such as contact details, client matter and activities information and even the up-to-date billing and payment status of respective clients. With just a click of the mouse, the user can easily review the full status of the client including what has been done and what needs to be done next to ensure deadlines are met. With just a glance to the monitor, the user would be able to provide immediate and accurate response towards any sort of inquiries from the client without having to go through the massive and time consuming file searching process.

Besides that, the software automatically generates billing reports, payment vouchers, official receipts and office account reports and thus helps to reduce the time tremendously compared to manual process. It also ensures accuracy in client account management by avoiding double billing and delays in billing clients. As a result of accurate and timely billing the firm’s cash flow and cases fund management would be in place.

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