Increase Efficiency with Lower Cost

Mylegalsoft is a comprehensive software solution dedicatedly designed for law firm in Malaysia. It consists of automated modules for both legal works and accounts need. Main modules include Case Management, Document Management, Client Account and Office Account.

From the legal works perspective, MyLegalsoft is able to automate their precedence and checklist of different type of files such as loan, conveyancing and litigation. This will help to standardize lawyer’s work and keep all activities on track. The system is able to trigger reminder to remind lawyer and staff in charge not to miss any importance due dates to avoid penalty. Besides, the system is also able to generated status report to be sent to client and keep them updated on the latest progress of their cases.

On the other hand, Mylegalsoft is a full flag accounting system which provide reports needed for accounts audit purpose. It can auto trigger the accounting treatment process when staff create a bill for his/her client, generate a receipt or issue a payment voucher to replace the manual receipt and voucher writing process. The best thing is legal staffs do not need to have any accounting knowledge as the system will handle the double entry job as in which account to debit and which account to credit. As a result, lawyer can easily generate the standard financial report such as profit and loss, balance sheet, trial balance or general ledger whenever necessary.

With Mylegalsoft, lawyers do not need to wait for their accountant to provide them the financial reports which is normally take time for them to re-key in based on the hard copies of invoice/receipt/voucher. Legal firm financial reports are always ready and up to date.

Currently, many legal firms are running without an automated system. Daily activities such as preparing documents, creating invoices, receipts and vouchers are prepared manually. Manual operations as such create many problems including high time consumption and resources wastage.

Take preparing document as an example, normally staff will prepare a document using Microsoft Word, print it out, lawyer will check and correct errors, staff will correct in Microsoft Word and re-print it. Sometimes, this cycle will repeat for multiple time. Imaging how much time, paper and toner are wasted. Thus, a dedicated automated system to assist in legal work flow is of help.

Mylegalsoft will automate the law firm business processes in managing the client files in an electronic and more efficient way. Many manual tasks which includes prepare standard documents, create bills, receipts and vouchers will now be automated by the system.

Besides, the system will also improve lawyer’s performance by triggering reminder on important due dates to avoid penalty if firm miss the due date. In the meantime, users also able to generate status reports with a button click and send to their clients to keep them updated with the current progress of their cases. In addition to that, as the system is able to track the money in-out in detail for single client, it helps the firm to manage their files more cost effectively and avoid any loss which tent to happen in manual tracking files. Overall, the system will be an all-rounded solution to help a legal firm grow into automation, cost saving and profiting stage.