Do You Really Need To Hire An Accountant

Do You Really Need To Hire An Accountant To Take Care Of Your Account?

Most of the legal firms still engage external accounting firms to keep track and process their firm account, client’s account and GST. They are compiling hard copies of invoices, receipts and payment vouchers and submitting to accountants from time to time for the said purpose.  They may need to allocate substantial amount of money paying for these out-source services especially when the volume of transaction increases.

Other than paying extra fee to accountants when the firm business increase, they also need more hands internally to compile those necessary documents to be submitted to accounting firm.  When they have more files to manage, manual process may not able to handle well, they may have problems such as over disburse, forget to bill according to the job done and may have problem of doing double work on land search/bankruptcy search.

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