Work Smarter

Work Smarter by utilizing Microsoft Mail Merge tool in built into Mylegalsoft Document Management (DM)  module. How does the system work smarter for your firm? With the Mylegalsoft DM, you can pre-define the Ms Word document template for the various category of case that your firm is currently doing, for eg, SnP, bank loan, lawyer software, legal accounting solutionbankruptcy, NOD and etc. You may store them into different folder name store at your server with the link with all your client pc at your firm. When there is any new file open, your staff will just need to key in your client particular into Mylegalsoft database and then your staff may able to use the Mylegalsoft DM mail Merge module to prepare the necessary document immediately after selecting the template document from the server.

For the document prepared by Mylegalsoft DM module, you do not need to worry about the data accuracy as the documents are prepared based on the information retrieved from Mylegalsoft Database.  You just need to verify the information after you open the file in the Mylegalsoft Client Management module and you can reuse the information in other module without the need to do the double checking work. It is fast, easy and convenient, all you need to do is just few click away and you can print out the document straight away for signature..

For more information, you may call/whatsapp to Lily Chua at 012 2191 669.