Training & Consultancy

Through a team formed by knowledge worker from various fields, our ambition is to leverage advanced information technology to fulfill today’s business needs. For the past few years, we have worked closely with lawyers in Malaysia helping them to streamline and automate their business process.

With the proper technologies in place and proper guidance from our consultants, we could able to help our client achieve their objective of improving their professional services. To further understand how MyLegalSoft can help to improve your office operation, on-site training and hands-on are available at your door-step.

Onsite Consultancy Plan

Weekly Onsite Consultancy Plan Our consultant will go to your office to help to solve any technical or non-technical issue related to MyLegalSoft.
We will assist you to shorten the implementation period of MyLegalSoft in your firm.
Project Basis This plan is to help our client to achieve certain objectives in any aspect of work. This includes but not limited to data cleaning services, data analysis on client’s account and/or office account, special accounting treatment for different scenarios and etc.

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