Work Smart with MyLegalSoft

1. Do you spend whole week to prepare the (Government Service Tax) GST form for submission to custom every 2 month?
2. Do you know exactly how much money your clients owe you from the stack of files in your rack?
3. How much time you need to locate a specific client file in the rack and check for the latest status?
4. Do you face the problem of missing files, misplace of document and etc?
5. How much time you need to prepare an official bill for the conveyancing/banking case?
6. Have you ever calculated how much money you have loss from over-disbursed or advanced files?
7. Do you know exactly what tasks are currently due from the list of your client files?
8. Do you know how much money in your bank accounts that belong to your professional fee portion and disbursement portion?
9. Do you face difficulty to keep track your trust account (client money you hold as stakeholder)?
10. Do you face difficulty (in term of man power and timeliness) to produce monthly status report to different banks/developers?
11. Do you have difficulty in managing your client account and office account?

Answer to all those questions is MyLegalSoft.

MyLegalSoft is a software specially designed for law firms in Malaysia to manage and monitor client activities, client account, office account, trust account, account receivable, account payable, professional fee, disbursement, letter manager, and etc. The software will help law firms to systematically manage their client files. When client file information is stored in a central database, it improves the process of locating/searching a files, searching for a piece of information (such as SPA for a particular client file) and monitoring the progress of each client file. On top of that, MyLegalSoft also help lawyers to keep an eye in the client account so as not to over disburse. Records of bill/invoice, payment received and disbursement are systematically kept. Lawyers can check of these records with only a button-click.

More than 250 firms in Malaysia are using our software to manage their firm daily activities. To explore for more information and see how MyLegalSoft can assist in your daily operations, please book our staffs’ time now for us to show you a live, on-site demo at your office. The demo is free of charge and no obligation in purchasing the software after the demo. Just take it as an opportunity to see what are the current requirements of many law firms in Malaysia in terms of software automation. We would be more than happy to hear feedback from you which will help us to be better and more competitive.

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