Mylegalsoft Automated Email Notification

MyLegalSoft New Feature: Automating Critical Email Alerts and Notifications

MyLegalSoft is able to trigger daily auto email alert on critical information which needs attention to relevant people in an organization. 
Some examples are as follows.

  1. Weekly overdue tasks by staffs

2.Task over due by File Category

3. Daily completed activities by staffs by categories

3. Monthly file opens by File Group (e.g.  Total number of Conveyancing, Loan, Litigation, Corporate, Intellectual Property and etc. files open)

4. Daily collection by lawyers

5.Outstanding invoices by departments

Auto email alert helps delivering the right information to the right persons at the right time. The sooner an information is obtained and analyzed, the higher the chances of an issue can be resolved.

Therefore, auto email alert is a crucial feature to be incorporated in any businesses. Ultimately, it can make considerable difference to the sucess of an organization.


Client Case Management
Manage your client file systematically with flexible searching capabilities.

Document Management Module
Generate standard documents easily with the help of Microsoft Word Mail Merge function to help you create professional look document or letters on the fly.

Client Account Management
Keep track your client account accurately and say good bye to overrun or over disburse issue that cause your firm losing substantial amount of your hard earn money.

Office Account Management
Generate your firm accounting reports on the fly. No more penalty for late report submission to LHDN or bar council.

Trust Account Management
Keep track and manage trust money you collect from your client.

Proforma Bill Support
System will generate proforma bill for discussion purpose to help to ensure more accurate data reflex in your firm profit and loss reports.

Conflict of Interest Checker
Hassle free conflict checker help you to avoid any conflict of interest when you open a file for your new client.

Management Reports
Generate firm financial status report, statement of account, pending activities list, official receipt listing, payment voucher listing.

Accounting Reports
General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Profit and Loss.


Manage property assigned by bank for easy retrieval.

Auction Management
Manage auction events for a list of property assigned by bank.

Bidder Registration Module
BRegister new bidders and agents into the system during auction events.

Proclamation of Sales
Generate Proclamation of Sales, condition of sales and contract of sales based on specific format define by bank or lawyers.

PowerPoint Presentation
Auto generate power point presentation for use in auction session.

Management Reports
Generate daily auction listing report, successfully sold properties, monthly status reports.

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